Interior Texturing Exercise

Texturing Interior

Our final project in Texturing & Shading 1 was to find an interesting composition in a room that we got completely modeled. We then lit, textured and shaded this camera angle to create an interesting still image. The biggest difficulty was to find textures and patterns that work together.


San Francisco Loft


For our intro to Maya class at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects we had to recreate a interior based on a photo. I chose a loft by LINEOFFICE Architecture that I found on We had to match the camera to the photo which allowed as to get used to all the basic modeling, texturing and lighting tools in Maya. Rendered in Mental Ray.

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Grunt Character

Grunt Front

For the last assignment in our 3D Design class at Ringling College we had to create a grunt, which could be seen in a video game. A decided to create a mutant with an additional arm. I focused on getting the anatomy of this arm right, to show a second scapula and integrate the mutation as good as possible.

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Ecorche Cover

An écorché is a sculpting showing the muscles of the body without skin for a work, or as an exercise in training. I sculpted this 16″ tall figure with oil-based clay based on a model in class to strengthen my understanding of anatomy, position of bones and placement of muscles

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Davy Jones’ Captain Quarters

Inventive Domicile

Another assignment for our Drawing 2 class at Ringling College: Inventive Domicile of a Known Character.

We had to create a visually sophisticated environment that a viewer would easily associate as a place of residence of a well known fictional character. This is a location that could have easily fit into a world that has been envisioned for a feature film or popular game but just didn’t make it into the final product.

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Thorne Room

Thorne Room Evening

For the 3D Design class at Ringling College I created a miniature room (1:12 scale). This room was once an old factory that got reclaimed and transformed into a modern office. Some old elements, such as the concrete pillars were kept to create an interesting visual contrast to the new elements. Rumors have it, that this is Cave Johnson’s office where he first designed technology for Aperture Science.

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Architectural Study

Architectural Study

For one of the classes at Ringling College we had to take a blueprint of a building and draw it in two point perspective. Through the use of value and color we created temperature shifts that give the painting a certain mood and a greater sense of three-dimensionality.

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