Mari and Maya Scripts

Maya and Mari Scripts

I moved all my scripts to Gumroad!

Maya Hotkeys, Marking Menus and Tricks

s – set key to selected channel in channelbox
$selectedAttrs = `channelBox -q -sma mainChannelBox`;
for( $attr in $selectedAttrs ) {
setKeyframe -at $attr;

shift i – toggle isolate selection
$currentPanel = `getPanel -wf`;
$state = `isolateSelect -q -state $currentPanel`;
$state = ($state == 0 ? "1" : "0");
enableIsolateSelect $currentPanel $state;

alt d – duplicate with input connections
duplicate -ic;

One imported snippet of code that I always have in the marking menu with the other cameras. It allows you to swap to the camera named ‘shotCam’.
lookThroughModelPanel shotCam `getPanel -wf`;

Annoyed at Maya not being able to load a friggin plugin? Add this to a file called userSetup.mel.
if(!`pluginInfo -q -l -n vrayformaya`) loadPlugin "vrayformaya";

Reset the locked axis after hitting “w”, “e” or “r”  (shortcuts for move, rotate and scale). Add these to the corresponding press hotkeys:


Add these to the release hotkeys:

destroySTRSMarkingMenu MoveTool;\ndR_setActiveTransformAxis 3;
destroySTRSMarkingMenu RotateTool;\ndR_setActiveTransformAxis 3;
destroySTRSMarkingMenu ScaleTool;\ndR_setActiveTransformAxis 3;