Chess Pieces

For our 3D Design class at Ringling College we had to create abstract chess pieces that represent their abilities on the board.

The least amount of bits needed to describe six objects – the amount of different figures in a chess set – is three. I came up with three attributes that each piece can either have or not have.
1. Can the piece move more than one unit? If so, the piece is two units high and separated by a plexiglass.
2. Can the piece move straight? If so, the piece has a cross like base.
3. Can the piece move diagonally? If so, the piece has a diagonally cut off top.

The Pawn, the simplest chess piece, doesn’t have any of those attributes. Even though it can move two fields in the first move, it can not really move more than one unit.
The Rook can move more than one unit, move straight but not diagonally.
The Knight’s only attribute is to move more than one unit.
The Bishop can move more than one unit and diagonally and is therefore cut off on the top.
The Queen as the most powerful piece has all three attributes.
The King, even though he seems important is not 2 units high, as he can not move more than unit at once. To give him more importance I made him a little bit bigger than the Pawn though.
The pieces are made out of Poplar wood, then stained and coated with a Polycrylic Satin Finish.

Chess Set Front
Chess Set Side