This is my latest sculpting, Gerkin. I’m currently working on this little cute monster so I can later have it printed with a 3d printer and put it on my desk. The concept I used for this little bastard is done by SculptorSteve.

Becky – IFX Covergirl

I started this project 3 months ago because I wanted to learn something about character modeling, anatomy, skin shaders, etc. I found this amazing drawing by Warren Louw and used it as inspiration. For the skin shader I painted the several layers of human skin to achieve a more realistic effect. All objects were created in Blender, zBrush was used for sculpting and Cinema4D with vRay for rendering.

Legend of Tell

While I was working at Pixcube Animation Studio I had the opportunity to work on a in-house created game. The idea was to make a jump and run game that tells the story of Switzerland’s national hero William Tell. I created all character models, rigged and animated them and was responsible for all coding and game engine related issues. The game is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in iTunes. Any other information can be found on the game’s homepage.

Cleantec City

During my time as an intern in Pixcube Animation Studio I worked on this spot. This spot had several challenges and it was fun to work on. I created the characters and rigged them. Besides that I was responsible for all the folding animations and for most of the models.

Ford Focus WRC 03

I was sick of all the clean car renderings so the goal in this project was to create a dirty scene. The background and the smoke was added in post as you can see in the breakdown below. After I finished this project I sent it to (20:40) for Andrew Price to critique me.

Aston Martin DB9

This car was part of a project I did for the German BlenderDay 2009. I  gave a project overview, talked about modeling and rendering techniques. The workshop can be seen here, it is in German though.