Creature design with Jared Krichevsky at Gnomon was so much fun. After a bunch of weekly assignments we chose one of our sculpts to detail, paint and render them. I chose the sea creature I did for the since fiction genre, meaning that the creature should be able to exist. So no unexplained magical unicorns allowed. Before every sculpt we did some thumbnails to get ideas on the paper and then it’s just about exploring ideas and creating a cool creature.

German Soldier

A World War II soldier from Germany. There is not much to say about this one except that I learned so much in Character Modeling and Sculpting. Anatomy, proportion, clothing, assets, folds and even some small details.

Visual Structure: Earthsea

Visual Structure was one of last term’s classes at Gnomon with Anrdrea Adams. As all of her classes this one was a lot of fun. We learned about composition, conflict, contrast and affinity, how colors and set design influence the viewer and created a whole world based on books we could choose. Alex Harrington, Nick Thompson, Renato De Oliveira, Devon Chiu and I got together to work in a team and create a game environment for the player to explore. We we’re influenced by the gameplay of Journey as it allowed us to explore how we can use the techniques we learned to direct a player through a level and manipulate them to feel safe or chased and scared.

MM45 Helmet

After one long term I finished up the MM45 helmet from last quarter. In the Hardsurface Texturing class at Gnomon we learned a lot about texturing and shading metals. All was then rendered out in V-Ray and comped together with Nuke.
First I had to come up with a scene which not only tells a story but also shows off the pilot. Lighting the face and making the girl with all the reflective metals stand out from the background was a tough challenge but adding a strong rim light solved that problem.
I’m really thankful for all the help I received from the students at the school; so much good and constructive critique.
Original concept of the MM45 Helmet is by the amazing Benoit Godde.

MM45 – Modeling

Our second half of the Hardsurface Modeling 2 class we spent on a concept art of our choice. I went with a mechanical space helmet by Benoit Godde. It was tough to align all the different panels and design parts not visible in the concept piece while modeling. Next term I’m planning on texturing this and put some scratches on.


What a term at Gnomon. Intro to ZBrush was one of the classes, we went over all aspects of the software so unfortunately we didn’t have to much time for the sculpting itself since we had to cover materials and rendering too.
I chose a really creepy concept of a monster by Anthony Jones called Hellguard. It was interesting to figure out the head with its worm-like creature. After I finished the sculpt and polypaint I took it into Maya and rendered out some stills with MentalRay.

Digital Paintings

This term I thought it might be a good idea to take a digital painting class with Chris Legaspi. So far it has been great. I’ve never really painted characters so it was nice to see a good workflow to that. During class I did this 3 hour sketch.

Ernemann Heag XV

For Texturing and Shading 2 at Gnomon School I textured a camera that I modeled for the Hardsurface Modeling class and some other objects. The focus was on creating high resolution textures and believable shaders.