Assassin’s Creed Character

After more than a year I can finally show my Assassin’s Creed character again. For now I can only show a still, but the character is animated and I will upload a turntable, walkcycle, breakdown and some making-of material later this year. Make sure to check out the original work in progress post of this character too.
Render 3840×2160
Turntable 1080p

It was a long year and I learned a lot at Ringling College of Art and Design about anatomy. Looking back I would have modeled and sculpted a lot of things differently but what done is done and I kind of have to finish the chracter someday. That’s why I finished all the textures, rigged the lowpoly model and tweaked a lot of things. I probably shouldn’t have put all the different parts into one mesh, but back then it seemed like the best idea to skin a complicated character like this. It gave me a great oppurtunity to learn more about the maya rigging and cloth systems. I rigged the character with the help of the great turorial series Maya Rigging by Jahirul Amin.
I want to make sure that I do not work for Ubisoft and this is unofficial fan art based on concepts from various AC games.


assassin_clay assassin_rigged assassin_wire